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Below you'll find some answers to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to swimming lessons. Have a read, but if there's still something you'd like to know, get in touch!

How many children will there be in my child's class?
- There's a maximum of 6 children per class.

What age can my child start swimming at Splashalot Swim School?
- Children can start swimming in our groups from the age of 3 (without parents having to get in!)

How long will it take before my child can swim?
- The dreaded question! We never like to say, in terms of weeks, as every child will learn at their own pace. Factors such as their confidence, age and ability all determine how quickly they will learn. It's quite easy to teach a confident child to swim - it's harder, and it takes longer to teach a nervous child to become confident, and then how to swim. Parents can help by getting their child used to the water - even practising blowing bubbles in the bath is a great help!

How much do the lessons cost?
- Lessons cost £7 p/w - payable termly, up-front and in full.

Do you offer any discounts?
- Yes, we offer discounts for booking in more than one swimmer/sibling and for recommending friends (more info here).

What days do you have lessons on?
- We currently swim between 17:30 and 19:30 on Fridays in Fartown, between 12:00 and 15:30 on Saturdays and between 08:30 and 15:30 on Sundays in Almondbury.

Are the teachers in the water?
- Yes, for the majority of the classes, teachers teach in the water.

How long are the lessons?
- Lessons last 30mins.

Can I watch my child whilst they swim?
- Yes, of course! Depending on which pool they swim in, there's normally enough seating for everyone.

Will my child have to put their face in the water?
- Whilst we appreciate some children may be a little scared at first, we do encourage water confidence, which includes putting their face in. Our exciting lessons will make putting their face in, fun.

Should my child wear goggles?
- There's no right or wrong answer to this question. It's probably a good idea for your child to have a pair of goggles - whether they wear them or not is their choice!

Will my child receive a badge/certificate?
- Hopefully, yes! We continuously assess our swimmers over the term, working towards Swim England's Ducklings and Waterskills awards. Some of our older swimmers also work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Do you have to bring your own arm-bands?
- No, we provide all the equipment. You provide the child, we'll do the rest!

Do you offer private 1-to-1 swimming lessons?
- Nope, sorry!

Do you offer swimming lessons all year round?
- Our group swimming lessons run in-sync with the school term. During certain school holidays, we'll offer week-long intensive swimming lessons.

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